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Time to branch out to other social medias for marketing!


It's time to branch out to other social medias for 3 main reasons


  • We want to target other personas like content creators (Twitter is mostly filled with people in tech)
  • We want to broaden our reach
  • The conversion rate from Twitter is stagnating

The social medias I'm exploring:

  • Tiktok: up & coming, the "search engine" of gen-z
  • Instagram: where online sellers & content creators are
  • LinkedIn: where working professionals are
  • Facebook: has a lot of active groups of people in SaaS, indiehackers, marketers


Since it's the search engine of gen-z, we make contents like "how to make money online", "how to build an online course", etc.

For our personal accounts, Putri Karunia and I post about our daily lives as a co-founder, woman in tech, developer, #nocode in tech


There are A LOT of online sellers here. We are hoping to get more of these online sellers to use us by building Typedream mobile and adding payments

More on Typedream mobile 📱👇


Most working professionals have LinkedIn accounts. We are hoping that they can bring Typedream up to their teams at work or for them to build a personal portfolio

Teams: you can invite collaborators and manage their access

Area of improvement: real-time collab


I legit thought it was ☠️ but I guess I was wrong 😅 there are a lot of active communities like SaaS Revolutionaries, SaaS Growth Hacks, SaaS Marketer, and more!

I'll continue these efforts and get back to you with the stats in a few months! If you have any ideas on what I can do more or have any feedback, would love to hear 'em! 😆

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