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Expanding our target market to mobile-first users by making Typedream Mobile! 🤳😯

2022-07-21• #buildinpublic

As Typedream is growing, we're planning to expand our target market to mobile-first users by making Typedream Mobile! 🤳😯

This should allow us to target Tiktok creators and online sellers, who are mostly on mobile.

The things we did BEFORE we start building #buildinpublic ⬇️

💡 Understand the purpose of the project and the problem we're solving 💡


Expand to a new market: mobile-first users

We've successfully delivered a sleek website builder for users to build & edit their websites on desktop. We want to help mobile users do the same!


1/ Existing mobile website builders limit you to a specific look: "Link In Bio", which means your mobile site is just a list of links 🫤

- The buttons look the same, which one to click? 🤷‍♀️

- Redirected to Youtube and all the recommended vids popped up. Good bye

2/ Existing solutions don't give you a professional desktop-friendly site to accompany your mobile site 🖥 🤝📱

You'll need to use different tools to step up your game

3/ Current Typedream users don't have a way to build a site on mobile so having a mobile-friendly editor will be valuable!

From here, we created a Notion doc to lay out everything we need to figure out about the product

This helps us create a more concrete picture of the product we're building. It also helps us get the success metrics right so we can see how well the project did

What's next? 🔜

User interview!

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