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I got my “Extraordinary Ability” visa 🇺🇸


A few years ago, if you ask this small-town girl how to be deemed as “Extraordinary” by the United States of America, I wouldn’t even dream of answering it. What is extraordinary? Working at Google? Building Google? It was a fantasy.

Then, I started listing out the achievements I’ve made over the past couple of years:

I then took a moment to process my own words. Wow, did I really do all that?

Growing up, I was one of those “straight-A” girls, so I spent most years in my comfort zone, not wanting anything more as I didn’t know what was “more”. I mean, I was aware of the big tech companies and watched the Silicon Valley series but that was that.

I was fortunate enough to be born into a well-off family that my parents could afford sending me to the US for college. I’m glad I took this opportunity as I would not be where I am now if it weren’t because I moved to Silicon Valley.

It's a place where I was the “dumbest in the room” surrounded by inspiring people, only a drive away from Google's HQ. Over the years, I started moving closer into making what was once a fantasy, previously a dream, now a reality: building my own tech company.

That’s what being the dumbest person in the room got me. I started from idolizing these people, to having the courage to talk to them, to being mentored, and to becoming their friends.

I’m far from successful but I’m proud of my journey so far. Thank you to everyone who helped and led me to call the United States of America: “home”

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