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Startup idea? We listened to people's problem and came up with a solution

2021-08-17#buildinpublic, Founder Journey

We were building a passwordless authentication tool, Cotter, for no-code website builders like Webflow, Bubble, etc. when people suddenly started asking for Notion + Cotter integration

We were like: what? Notion is a note-taking app - why would you build your website on Notion? Answer: We like Notion's "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) approach

Left: Notice that to edit a text block, you need to edit it using the left menu bar/"form" Right: With a WYSIWYG editor, you edit on the block you'd like to edit

Decided to dig deeper: is there anything missing from Notion as a website builder? We interviewed 200+ Notion to Website users to dig deeper

Answer: 2 major things: Buttons and Navbars Buttons: Since Notion is a note-taking app, there is no default way to make buttons. Therefore, we had to make buttons using callouts and edit the CSS

Navbar: Again, since Notion is a note-taking app, there is no default way to make navbars. Therefore, we had to make navbars manually using columns Our built-in navbar:

We saw an opportunity to present our solution, so we decided to make Typedream ☁️

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