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How we landed Typedream’s first 10 customers

2022-10-27#buildinpublic, Founder Journey

The #1 mistake startup founders make is thinking they need a perfect product before launching 💁‍♀️ However, we actually got our first 10 customers for Typedream, without having a product 😮 Here’s how we did it 👇

1/ Slide into people's DMs 💌

We wrote tailored messages to Notion creators, asking for a time in their calendar to learn more about the problems they're facing and see if we can help solve them.

More about the problem faced by Notion creators:

2/ Recognize a common issue/pattern 👩‍🏫

We tried to find a common issue that all of them faced: they struggled to build quick & easy websites to sell their Notion products. Most of them can't code & there were no website builders that was as easy as the tool they're familiar with: Notion.

3/ Build the product from their feedback 👩‍💻

From the issue, we built a BETA product of Typedream, which allows anyone with no coding skills to build & launch their websites. We made it as easy as typing a Notion (or Google Docs, Microsoft Word) document. Because we built Typedream with them in mind, complete with all the features they needed, they all immediately signed up 🔥

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