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“If the product is good enough, it will market itself”. That’s BS


"If the product is good enough, it will market itself" That's BS. We're doing the exact opposite at Typedream by asking our community to actively refer Typedream to their friends via our Affiliate Program (using Rewardful)

1 week in: 100 Affiliates 🎉 The big question: HOW? 👇

1. Our community has been referring Typedream to their friends & family even before this program was released 🥰

So they instantly signed up to the Affiliate Program to get incentivized for their hard work

2. Spread the word everywhere possible 🗣

- Build a landing page just for the Affiliate Program - Add to landing page footer - Add to onboarding email - Send a 1-time email announcement - Announce on socials - Announce on Slack/Discord community (if you have one)

Join Typedream' affiliate program if you haven't already!


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