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What we did to get Typedream #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt

2021-07-09β€’ #buildinpublic

Before the launch:

1. We started our Typedream journey in public #buildinpublic. We tweeted about what we wanted to achieve, our struggles, small wins - our entire journey.

2. We made community (almost like a cult 😈) of Typedream simps in which people had to "simp" for us to get access to our beta. We were also active on Twitter. Made a lot of friends with similar interests, especially in the #NoCode community ❀️

3. We iterated our product based on our beta testers' feedback and found 10+ people who LOVED our product and validated the idea.


We realized we only get to do this once so we went ALL OUT.

1. We tried to make our assets (video, images) as beautiful as possible. Btw to those if you who loved our video, we made it using Adobe After Effects!

2. Our Twitter friends helped perfect our tagline, built the hype, everything -Guillermo Rauch, Nattu, Fajar Siddiq, Felix Wong, Dimas Wibowo, and many more. You know who you are!

Also followed this PH launch tips:

My top 3 favorites: ⬇️

1. Find a hunter

- You leverage the hunter's audience

- You have more chances to be featured

- You engage with a person who's an expert on PH

Once again, big thanks to Chris Messina for hunting!

2. But when is the best day to launch your product?

Here is the typical traffic for a Product Hunt week:

- Monday β†’ Medium

- Tuesday β†’ High

- Wednesday β†’ High

- Thursday β†’ High

- Friday β†’ Medium

- Saturday β†’ Low

- Sunday β†’ Low

We launched on a Wednesday.

3. During your launch day, you need to be 1000% active and engage with your fans and the community.

It's a crazy day and you might need to say "thank you" in 100+ different ways.

Your presence is as important as your product. People love to know who is behind a product.

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