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Doubling down on more sustainable, long-term growth efforts like Social Media Marketing & SEO


As some of you might know, we launched the 2nd iteration of our product, Typedream CMS, to Product Hunt not too long ago. Now that we've launched, what's next for the team?

We're doubling down on more sustainable, long-term growth efforts like Social Media Marketing & SEO🤓⬇️

I also mentioned that our launch was not as successful as our first launch. A lot of our Twitter friends responded and the conclusion is that PH launch is good for initial traction but we need a more sustainable way for long-term growth

The sustainable way we're exploring right now:

- Branch out to more social medias


Yes, our dear old fren SEO 🥸

SEO efforts:

As a website builder, the SEO efforts we're pushing are:

- Integrations https://typedream.com/docs/integration

- Templates https://typedream.com/templates

- Youtube contents

- Blogs https://typedream.com/blog

- Technicals: populate pages with enough words, set up metadata using UberSuggest


We initially created integrations guide with external tools to make Typedream more powerful as our customers needed the features we didn't have the bandwidth to build ourselves at the time (e.g. sign up forms via Tally, payments via Gumroad, etc.)

Surprisingly, it ended up being our main SEO channel. When we googled some of our partner tools, our integrations guide showed up on the 1st page, which is impressive 🤯

For example: if we google "Tally Forms", Tally x Typedream is there on the 1st page


We were one of the earliest website builders to make an "NFT landing page" template that it was the top Google search keyword people used to find Typedream. We then made similar templates like NFT mint page in collaboration with Rampp

Youtube contents:

Youtube is the #2 search engine so it only makes sense if we post more contents there

- Bite-sized tutorials on how to use Typedream (following Notion)

- Longer tutorials based on the most-searched keywords like "how to make a personal site"


- Converting our Twitter threads to blog articles

- Converting our Youtube tutorials to blog articles

- What else? 🤔

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