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The current state of Mobile Websites and why we think it needs a new look 🔗📱


Current mobile website looks:

❌ Link in Bio

❌ Responsive desktop sites

1/ Link in Bios consist of uniform buttons, which confuses the user

We know from landing pages that we want as little text as possible:

- Grab 1st attention: Clear tagline & product mockup


It's unclear how make users understand the product on 1st sight with Link in Bio

2/ Link in Bio links take you somewhere else entirely, mostly to social media

Social medias are engineered to make users stay on that platform, so if they see another interesting this on that platform, there's no way for you to reel them back 🎣

Normal sites: just EMBED!

3/ Making desktop sites responsive on mobile is not the best solution

Cramming a desktop site into a mobile screen means your site will be very long and users will have to scroll indefinitely 🥵

This is where we are so far in our research!

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