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The ULTIMATE founder advice, from yours truly.

2021-10-26Founder Journey

1. Target a big market 🌎

It's not enough for startup founders to create a solution to a problem, they must be able to scale that solution to a market that is large.

Make sure that a lot of people in this world already need what you are building.

2. Validate your idea 💡

A common mistake is to jump into the first idea that comes to mind, without really stopping to think critically about whether it's a good idea at all.

To avoid this mistake, do not skip the Idea Validation stage.

Find a few people in the space and share your idea. Interview them: - What's missing from the current solution - What they did to hack the current solution to achieve what they want - If your tool exists, would they pay for it

Before building @typedreamHQ's MVP, we interviewed 200+ Notion to Website users to dig deeper on the problem:

- Why Notion to Website and not other NoCode website builders?

- What's missing from Notion to Website?

3. Build and talk about your product at the same time 🔨🗣️

Don't waste weeks or even months building your MVP without talking to your potential users.

For every new feature you build, ask your community to test, receive their feedback, and keep iterating.

4. Launch your product 🚀

Once you have finished your MVP, release it to the people that need them!

Almost all of your favorite startups launched with an ugly website or mobile app.

You don't need to launch a perfect product.

Airbnb's original website did not have a map search, a catalog of beautifully photographed properties, and a payment integration. However, it did not stop them from launching. NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

Hope this article is useful for first-time founders out there.

Why fail yourself when you can learn from others' failures, right? #buildinpublic

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